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Dec 3, 2012 9:00pm PST
2400 dollars a year. automatic spending cuts mean cuts to education. transportation. research and development. there's proposal to up airline fee that is could raise 1 billion dollars cutting back on those who 7 fad stamps could bring in another 4 to 16 billion over 10 years. eliminating saturday delivery of the mail could save 16 billion. 55 billion in cuts to military spending would certainly hit california. >> defense aerospace big part of southern california economy so those cuts would develop effect there. >>reporter: this afternoon speaker of the house boehner delivered the g.o.p. proposal. which would reduce the national debt by 2.2 trillion dollars including 800 billion in new tax revenue but would leave the bush tax cuts to the top 2% in place. photo op today the president ignored reporter questions about that republican plan but later in a statement the white house rejected it. we believe a deal will be struck before the deadline and it will be the republicans that give ground. >> i think this time around obama has learned from his past mistakes and more importantly he h
Nov 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
afghanistan and provide educational opportunities and health care for women and children. the need is overwhelming after 30 years of war. >> a lot of times people are left homeless without jobs, without food, access to clean water, education, health care. >> some resort to live under ground staying alive? >> there would be 15-25 people essentially living in these holes that had one opening at the very top as a window. they were living there, two and a half months, winter in afghanistan in many parts of country. freezing temperatures, routinely i would go to villages and see elders complain about the sick and elderly and children they were losing every winter. this is one reason why. it costs $2,000 for a family of six or seven people. it can be a life saving structure. >> families get a pre-packaged kit and build the shelterss themselves. >> getting the raw materials, they are given the window frames the doors, the beams. >> so far the foundation has raised enough money to build nearly 400 shelters to house 2300 people. his wife is helping afghan women that were injured with a program
Dec 5, 2012 9:00pm PST
doesn't take into account if they rejected prop 30 six billion in cuts mostly to public education. he thinks californians want to trade short term growth for an investment in kids. >> we would have been looking at shortening the school day further, more kids out the streets. that is exactly what the voters didn't want to see. >> for job seekers, to see any slowdown in hiring, even for a good reason is frustrating. >> i look for about a year and a half. everything, i don't know how people survive on it. it's tough. i don't know how they live. >> the forecast points out california remains on track for economic growth and more jobs indicating the state has turned the corner. >> at least a dozen state lawmakers had repairs done on state issued cars just before buying them before the state stopped providing them. legislators spent about $78,000 on oil changes, routine maintenance and new tires and fixing dents. but fair commission says technically think didn't do anything wrong. >> as long as the cars were in possession of the legislature and in need of repairs while they were putting
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3